This sculpture was commissioned by the Lancelyn Green family to be installed in the grounds of Poulton Hall to commemorate the book ‘Myths of the Norsemen’ by Roger Lancelyn Green.

The concept of the piece evolved from a culmination of images evoked during research into the books mythical characters, gods, warriors and protectors.

Selecting a site for the sculpture within the splendid gardens was challenging, until I ventured through the gateway from the Walled Garden, around the colonnade of trees to the tranquil lawned area of The Golden Garden. A strong link, if only by name, with The Golden Field in the myths and legends, where Viking warriors fought great mythical battles before returning to Valhalla. This instinctively felt the rightful place of THE BRUNANBURH VIKING keeper of The Golden Garden.

Installation of the sculpture within a bush was influenced by the functional yet considered construction of the Viking Longhouses with their grass roofs, almost morphing from the natural landscape.