State of Ambiguity is a series of sculptures that bridge fantasy and reality, linking prehistoric with futuristic. They carry both the pessimism and optimism of our society: confidence yet uncertainty, conflict and harmony, strength yet a vulnerable fragility.

‘State of Ambiguity I’, a copper screen embellished with repetitive organic forms was developed from the investigation of gates, railings, window grills and screens all used within our society as a means of defence, to protect. These fortress type structures are camouflaged by imagery drawn from nature, many magnificent in construction and ornately decorated. Is this ornamentation to conceal the concept of fear, to challenge our perception of protection or containment, captor or captive?

’State of Ambiguity VI’ a hybrid sculpture derived from cumulative parentage, a genetic crossbreed that combines organic complexity with an idealised engineered functionality. This wall based piece has been realised through the appropriation of textile techniques; pleating, folding, layering, fastening and joining yet is constructed using industrial materials; wood, lead, copper, roofing felt, rubber, rivets, nails and screws.