A memorial to Richard Lancelyn Green, son of June and Roger three large scale outdoor sculptures were commissioned, to be placed as a permanent presence in the grounds of the Lancelyn Green Estate.

The concept was inspired by the force of nature’s breeze gently bending the fronds of the palm, cordyline and yucca plants, persuading them to change direction, dancing to the rhythm of the air’s warm current, nature’s breath.

This piece, reflecting Richard’s great passion for Sherlock Holmes, was influenced by a magnifying glass, trade mark of Arthur Conan Doyle’s great fictional character, customarily a specific circle, whose handle, normally rigid, functional and symmetrical has adopted a new, free, fluid form, once again reacting to nature’s gentle breeze.

The third piece a seat, creates a place for contemplation which allows the viewer to interact with the sculptures. Although functional in design it continues the fluid, organic concept carrying qualities of both pieces.