Trade is about trading ideas, opportunities and experiences
Founder: Susan Meyerhoff Sharples

‘TRADE' is about trading ideas, opportunities, experiences, cultures, language and skills. Its intention is to use projects as a means of communication, a platform from which exhibitions, collaboration, discussion, debate, interactive projects and workshops will develop and take place internationally. From this, a worldwide community of people will become connected, linked through ideas, ambition, innovation, creativity, openness and generosity. Trade's aim is to focus on international links to create a Global Creative Community.

The idea began with ‘Friend Request’ and interactive piece by Susan Meyerhoff Sharples performed in October 2010, in London, as a continuation of her international project Cultural Crossing and as a direct response to social networking - trading friendship.

'Trading Forever' followed as a book created by Susan Meyerhoff Sharples. The abridged version of the exhibition 'About Here', containing original artwork by four Liverpool artists that will tour nine cities in USA - trading language. The book began, "My whole life is about trading. I trade time, tasks, compassion, ambition, experience, ideas and art." The intention of producing the book was to connect with the reader by evoking a questioning of contemporary language and to instigate a potential dialogue in the exhibition space around terms used in commerce and contemporary art such as: exhibition, international, touring, original and trade.

The initial trading in all of these pieces of work has triggered debate of a much broader idea of the term Trade and in turn instigated the beginning of an International Programme.

Friend Request, London, Oct 2010
Trading Forever, USA, Jan 2011
The Inbetween Space 2010-11, a collaborative installation with Claudia Czimek from Austria, part of ‘State of Perception’ exhibition at Metal, Edge Hill Station, Liverpool.
The Object of Things - Toys 2011, part of Threshold Festival, CUC, Liverpool

The Object of Things - Nonage 2011, Pula, Croatia