Founder Members:
Susan Meyerhoff Sharples, Claire Weetman, Robyn Woolston,Jennie Cunningham,
Cecilia Kinnear, Amanda Oliphant, Katriona Beales

POST is a collective of seven female artists who emerged from Liverpool’s European Capital of Culture in 2008. The name POST signifies our desire to ‘send out’ cultural messages whilst continuing our professional development, practice and legacy in terms of international dialogue as initiated through the Liverpool International Artists exhibition. The intention of the group is to link with female artists who live and work in other cities which have been crowned European Capital of Culture, so as to share our experiences and expand our critical language within the arts.

POST aims to nurture links by leading programmes with a supportive and inclusive approach that encourages dynamic and imaginative collaborations so as to reach new European audiences. We are committed to transcending national boundaries in the hope of exploring the role of women in the culturally diverse context of Europe.

The groups first exhibition, ‘Riposte’ will tour and showcase the work of POST along with the work of seven invited female artists from Linz, Austria – Capital of Culture2009. ‘Riposte’ will build upon the Capital of Culture legacy by performing it’s exchange in the following year within each city, where relevant artists will join together to create new work and open up critical debate. The exhibition will investigate an international language of similarity, diverse perspectives and culturally invigorating responses.

Susan Meyerhoff Sharples work is concerned with evolutionary processes, provocative defence systems and the primal instinct for survival achieved via diversity, adaptation and mutation.

Recent work explores ethnology and the evolution of multiculturalism from its most primitive origins to modern manifestations. It embodies the notion that as members of a community our culture is created out of layers of learnt behavioural patterning and emerges from complex history that reflects our cultural interactions. We no longer live in relative isolation, continuing our own traditions, but in an interconnected contemporary world that reflects a world-wide cultural diffusion. New technologies have vastly accelerated the flows of people across regional and international boundaries.

In studying these flows Meyerhoff Sharples key premise, for this body of work, is a response to the cause of such migratory journeys, and the documentation of places of social connection and interaction which punctuate these journeys. The work is executed through the appropriation of materials and skills generally used within construction and engineering industries and challenge our perception of the terms ‘origin’ and ‘precious’ within our contemporary world.

Riposte Exhibition details:
8 April-20June 2010-Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool, part of Global Studios.
6-31July 2010 -Maerz Gallery, Linz, Austria
1-10 Sept 2010 -Maerz Gallery, Linz, Austria
Sept 2010 -Salzamt Gallery, Linz, Austria